2013 Directors and Coaches

SCA is proud to provide you with the best directors and coaches in the area. Our club philosophy is to develop young players by emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship using the latest youth development techniques from Europe.

Our coaches are highly trained and many hold top level USSF coaching licenses and also coach at local high schools and colleges.

We are always looking for qualified coaches to join our club; if you are interested, please send your resume or coaching background via email to Vinne Cortezzo or Chris Daly, Directors of Coaching. 

Position Director Email
Youth Education Advisor Andrew Ziemer  
Director of Coaching (SCA South) Vinnie Cortezzo docsouth@scasoccer.com
Director of Coaching (SCA North) Chris Daly docnorth@scasoccer.com 
SCA Technical Director (SCA North) Shawn Rothrock


SCA Technical Director (SCA South) Lee Summerscales technicaldirector@scasoccer.com 
SCA Technical Director (SCA South) Katie Turtle technicaldirector@scasoccer.com 
Goalkeeper Director Clark Rupp clarkrupp@gmail.com 

Director of College Guidance and U15-U18 Girls Director

Chris Ziemer


Boys Teams (2013 Age Group) Coach  Email
05 Boys (U9) - forming for 2013/14 season Katie Turtle 05BScoach@scasoccer.com
04 Boys (U10) - forming for 2013/14 season Josh Nazzal 04BScoach@scasoccer.com
03 Boys (U11) - forming for 2013/14 season Josh Nazzal  03BScoach@scasoccer.com
02 Boys (U12)  Mike Manno  02BScoach@scasoccer.com 
01 Boys (U13)  Lee Summerscales  01BScoach@scasoccer.com 
00 Boys (U14)  Josh Nazzal  00BScoach@scasoccer.com 
99 Boys (U15) - playing as 12 FC  Lee Summerscales  99BScoach@scasoccer.com
Girls Teams (2013 Age Group)  Coach  Email 
SCA South (Petaluma)    
05 Girls (U9) - forming for 2013/14 season Katie Turtle 05GSCoach@scasoccer.com
04 Girls (U10) Katie Turtle 04GSCoach@scasoccer.com
03 Girls (U11) Katie Turtle 03GSCoach@scasoccer.com
02 Girls (U12) Vinnie Cortezzo  02GScoach@scasoccer.com 
01 Girls (U13) Noah Parker  01GScoach@scasoccer.com 
00 Girls (U14)  Katie Turtle  00GScoach@scasoccer.com 
99 Girls (U15)  Noah Parker  99GScoach@scasoccer.com 
98 Girls (U16)  Noah Parker  98GScoach@scasoccer.com 
97 Girls (U17)  Vinnie Cortezzo 97GScoach@scasoccer.com 
SCA North (Windsor)     
05 Girls (U9) Shawn Rothrock 05GNcoach@scasoccer.com
04 Girls Black (U10)  Shawn Rothrock 04GNcoach@scasoccer.com 
04 Girls Red (U10)  Anthony Rodriguez 04GNRedcoach@scasoccer.com 
03 Girls Black (U11)  Jordan Anderson  03GNcoach@scasoccer.com 
03 Girls Red (U11)  Anthony Rodriguez  03GNRedcoach@scasoccer.com 
02 Girls (U12) TBA docnorth@scasoccer.com
01 Girls Black (U13) Jordan Anderson 01GNcoach@scasoccer.com
01 Girls Red (U13) TBA docnorth@scasoccer.com
00 Girls (U14) Jordan Anderson 00GNcoach@scasoccer.com  
99 Girls (U15)  Chris Daly  99GNcoach@scasoccer.com 
97 Girls (U17) Chris Daly 97GNcoach@scasoccer.com

*This is an anticipated coaching roster that may change due to operational needs.

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